Do you need closure before you're able to move onto new love?

Girls, do you hate it when a guy talks about other girls to you?

Do I need to clear out space in my heart before new love can enter it?


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  • Yes, it's healthier to find closure for yourself from a previous relationship, before pursuing a new one.

    • Maybe this is why this has been happening.

      Story: I always held my first love in very high regard and even though she was only someone who I used to know, she inspired me in ways to be better, but I recently ran into her and she treated me like a stranger even though we had history or doesn't she remember? So now she's just a ghost and vanished like a vapor.

    • Past relationships should only provide us with lessons, but not keep us in the past.

    • I always looked for the best in everyone, but I think those rose color glasses broke and now I see clearly now.

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