Would you date a guy with no hair at 20-24? Like completely bald?

So at my college almost the whole track team shaved their heads bald to support this guy who got alopecia, and has to shave it bald, they did it after a girl called him fugo and so wanted to show her up, now I don't really know this guy but for having no hair he certainly is sweet to people he's even gone after my friend and he looks okay but just the novelty of hair for me, that makes me realize why he's being rejected so much, I really feel bad for him because he is clearly going for (I don't mean to brag) but beautiful looking girls only and so many on the girls track team constantly mock him, now this deal with all the guys shaving it off is opening someones eyes but it's not the same theirs will return, I don't know how I feel about it, he's not interested in me at least I doubt it as I know who I'm with, but I feel bad and wonder if it'll be like this everywhere for him, it's not right he should have to settle just because he balded I guess, this is almost a my take by now but after seeing firsthand how this guy was treated I get why I've seen guys ask about baldness before
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Why the hell would a guy vote something besides results? Sorry people but I'm a bit of a homophobe


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  • I like my men hairy. Not too hairy, but hairy. To me, it's very attractive masculinity.

    • So you couldn't get past it even though he can't help it and it's just hair? Also if you take any kind of basic bio health class hairloss in men is caused by an increase in testosterone, so they would actually be more 'masculine'

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    • That's your opinion yes but a bald guy shouldn't have to accept a plain or unattractive girl simply because he lost hair

    • Yeah, you know, I never said that. I never said any of the stuff you made up. You just made up all this stuff in your mind when the entire time I was just stating I like hairier men. Just that. My opinion. I like my men hairy.


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