Was he using me or did I screw up?

I met this guy at college and we talked so I gave him my notes/textbooks. A month later he asked me to hang out as friends. Then he asked me to hang out at his place and we kissed. We hung out a few more times and we kissed and he always asked if he could see me again. He never offers anything, even water when I'm there. He has said I'm perfect. So recently I gave him the last of the notes. The other day I drove him back and forth to pick something up. I try to do nice things for him. I always ask about things going on in his life but he never asks me. I go out of my way for him. Today I referred to myself as his friend. it slipped out because i told him he could tell his landlord I'm his friend. By the end of the night he didn't kiss me which kind of hurt and he didn't ask to see me again. I feel like he was using me for notes and as something to pass time. He's a nice guy but I don't know if he has other girls we never had a define this relationship talk but maybe I screwed it up. Is there any way I can fix this? I do like him a lot.


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  • You have to be upfront about your feelings.
    Say something like , "I really like and want to get to know you better. Is the feeling mutual? "See how he responds.

  • Sounds like your instincts are spot-on. Some guys are pricks.


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