this guy is confusing the heck out of me!, What does he want from me?

I've known this guy since jr high and we have been hooking up once in a blue throughout the years. He'd always be the one to message me out the blue and ask how I'm doing. we've been hanging out the most we ever have this summer. he would sometimes be kind of rude to me by, for example, we would watch tv and I would watch something and he'd just change the channel, then when I confront him about it, he'll say, alright what was it again? But only after he sees the look on my face. We're both in our early twenties. Or he'll just act like he's "mean".. He'll tell me " why do u have to do reverse psychology on Me" or just other random stuff that's annoying. Why does he do these things and is he really being rude?
Also, he doesn't really call text much, he'll text once or call once a day but he'll keep the conversations so short and won't really say much besides the same mundane everyday small talk. "How's your day" (and the usual small talk)... Is he just not that into me? Also, sometimes he'll invite me to go to a motel with him but then he'll leave afterwards because he says he has to meet his dad... I don't know... He does invite me places toz why won't he chase me more? ( yes we have sex) He'll say how much I turn him on... Then once over the phone I told him "do u really know what u want? Are u sure " and he said "maybe I have to figure it out" yet he has asked me to "be his girl" a few times and when I say yes, the next day, he'll just say how he "wishes I was his girl... What does he want from me?


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  • Oh man he sounds like he's playing games. Now does he ask you to be his girl while he's sober?

    • How should I respond to his game playing so I could be in control?

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    • Well do you want to be in control? If a guy is playing games now it says a lot. But playing hard to get can work. It's just sounds to me like your just a friends with benefits. he can say whatever he want but i he doesn't act on it it's worth nothing.

    • Yes I do want to be in control. That's why I'm asking for your opinion. What should I do/say to beat him at his game so to speak?

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