Guys, Why did he smile at me like he was a little boy?

I saw this guy at a wedding and when i was getting food he tried talking to me, but I couldn't really hear him. But I just saw how about he was smiling. He looked like a little boy, smiling over candy or something. Like smiling a lot. I was with my aunt so ignored it. I never talked to him. But the weird thing is when I saw him at the hotel earlier times, he would just sit alone and whenever I saw him he would just look and not smile at me. And the first time I saw him, I later turned my back and I could just feel him staring the whole time. I got really nervous for some reason and didn't turn my back.


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  • if he looks like a boy he's properly younger than you, so you should probs ignore it.

    • No he isn't

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    • Lol so what's the deal

    • if he's taking the extra effort to talk to you and get your attention he is obviously interested in you.

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