Girls, approximately how many dates before you realize you really like the man?

I j ust had a first date with a wonderful woman tonight. It went pretty well and I'm going to ask her out for a second date. The thing I'm really curious about is, I want to tell her I'm a recovering alcoholic, but I don't want to do it to soon or too late. I don't want her to fall for me and then tell her, that's not who I am. I want her to be able to decide without conflicting feelings whether or not she would like to proceed. But I also don't want to tell her too soon and scare her off without really getting to know me. I was thinking the second or third date would be a good time to tell her and wasn't sure if the third date would be to late.
Thanks in advance for your answers.


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  • takes me a few months but i dont go by 'dates'; just time till i think i can kind of get him as a person and i like it. i have a ';feeling' i really will like him three seconds into meeting him. if this feeling stasis after a few months i figure i might legitimately like him, if he is who he's proportion t be. a year or so after that i can decide he's probably who he's cleaning to be for now anyway,. though people change. so really you can never be absolutely sure but have to kind of look at it like this is definitely how i feel now. not exactly 100% reliable but life has many uncertainties, people are ne of them.

    • a guy telling me he really likes me won't care me. if i have a good feeling about it him saying how he feels reinforces my own probable feelings. plus i respect directness. it raises my opinion of him.

      but if he says it without knowing me at all ill think its physical not intellectual. which isn't horrible but it just means i won't know yet if he actually likes 'me'. course he could come to so its ok just not as good as waiting a bit till when you say i like you you have something to base it on:)

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  • Good for you!


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