I wasted time on a guy who wouldn't commit in the end?

I ran into the type of guy who won't commit to anyone, unfortunately I came to that realization when it was too late. We were exclusive but when it came to commitment I had to pack my bags for my own good. I am glad I did this now and not later but I spent months on this guy and can't help feeling what a waste of time even though it was a good time. He liked me but not enough to commit I suppose, well he doesn't commit to anyone. So here I am with feelings for him, angry as well trying to move on somehow but it's difficult.


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  • I always use the term "Better late than never."
    It was a Good experience for a little lesson in life that you Had to find out on your own, and nothing at that Time would change your own Mind and Now... I came to that realization.
    No use in crying over spilled milk as they also say. You had a good run, it was fun, and now it is no Use Feeling 'Angry' for Someone who will never change his colors. You could be waiting for the cows to come home and the Next Girl... I would Feel Sorry for her instead.
    Good luck and my Blessings..2016 is right around the corner here, dear. xx

    • *Never a waste.. Think of it as an Experience you Experienced. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence:)) xxoo

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  • You said your two were exclusive. What sort of commitment were you looking for beyond that? Marriage?

    • Relationship.

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    • We were dating/had a thing and everyone knew. We were open about the two of us dating but we weren't in a relationship where he is my boyfriend and I'm his girlfriend. What was lacking was the fact that he did not want to take it further to that.

    • OK, I see. Thank you for explaining and I'm sorry for your experience.

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