Should I even bother with contacting her again?

My dating life has been in that dumps for quite a while now because all I have been doing to going to work and coming home. I ran into a girl I went to church with whenever I was 12 or 13 (now 25), she was the cashier checking me out, I didn't remember her, but she remembered me.
I decided to look her up on Facebook and add her after a couple of days. I waited another day or so before I messaged her. At the end of it, I asked for her phone number, and said we should get together to do something fun. she gave it to me. So another day or so goes by and I ask her out on a bowling date for Saturday night, she said she couldn't because she had to work but that she was off tonight (last night), I took it as she was trying to get me to go that night instead. I told her I was down for it, and then she tells me that she will have to take her son. I have never heard of someone bringing a infant on a first date. She said that she is off next weekend if that would work better for me since I was working all day. I was honest and told her that if she thinks she would be able to get a sitter for next weekend that would better for me, because I would like to get to know her, again first. Then she said that her son was going to stay home... well fuck... So I said ok, I'll see you at the place at blah blah time.
About 20 minutes before we were suppose to meet, she asked what I was doing, I was a little confused, so I just said just killing time. she then asked are we going or not? I said my bad I thought I said we where. Then she told me that she didn't know that what she was doing was going to take so long, and that she might not make it, what time does the place close? So I told her it was a little last minute, we can make plans to do something another time.

I'm trying to up my "game", do you guys/girls think I handled this about right? Should I bother texting her, I think I should let her make the next move.


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  • if i was you, i wouldn't have recommended her to get a sitter. u kinda blew it. YOU make the next move, and try a little harder this time.

    • why do you think that I blew it by recommending a sitter? I mean I was going to go on the date with both, but given the choice I would rather have at least 2 or 3 dates with just her and I before children are involved. I was just being honest, and I don't think that I was being outlandish.

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    • So should I go a step further and plan a date to include her son, he is really young from what I have seen in pictures, i'm not sure he can walk. However, I guess I can plan a date to like a fun park with mini golf and game arcades

    • that sounds perfect. give it a shot. and if she accepts the date. make sure you either show some concern or make sure her son is having fun, and obviously the girl as well. she will love that.

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  • Hi, I think you should try once more. She sounds interested, but she also sounds a bit distracted or stressed (maybe by her son, work, or who knows what her life is like). But I would definitely try again, just send a text to ask how she's doing, then ask her when she's free. If again it doesn't work out I'd leave her alone, but from the sound of things it's worth another try. Good luck! :)


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