Guys, please help! Should I tell my date that the reason I am always quiet is I am into him? Could I share the real feeling about him with him?

Hi, There are total four guys said that I am quiet all the time and they don't know why.
I've been in this trouble for almost two years, I am an outgoing girl, i laugh for little things, i am also very funny when being with friends/boyfriend. However, I don't know why that I am always quiet when dating the guy I am interested in, I could not be confident when being with them, I always find nothing to talk about, I am a completely different person when dating them.

But if I date a guy that I am not interested in, I am always talkative and funny.

Now I've been dating this guy for a month, we've met for around 7 times. I was relaxed at first but I become more and more silence and embarrassed, I am afraid that he's losing interest on me, he also asked me that why I am so quiet? and what am I thinking about?

I want to know if I should be honest with him? Can I tell him that I have this kind of "problem"? So he could know why I am quiet? But I am also afraid that he will feel pressured if I let him know I am very into him:(

I really don't want to ruin this date again, I can feel that if I don't be that nervous and shy, we can be fine.


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  • tell him before you lose him.

    • Won't he think I am too into him? I don't want to scare him away:(

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    • Hi, could you please go to this page and answer for me:)
      This is about another guy that I really liked before, need you advice! Thank you!!

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