Double standarts for dating women?

why many times when pretty girls complian about beng single and men being insecure approaching them, as an example, the majority of anwers are : they think you are stuck up, taken, bitch, bad personality , ets. all of this because of their pretty / hot looks.

while when below average, 'fat' girls complain about the same problem people comfort them and others around them, convincing that its wrong to judge people based on their appearance and that guys judge 'ugly' girls way too fast and they should know them first and see what an amazing person she is and that looks are not that important.

so, who guys date then? what kind of girls are 'suitable' to date, which girls are girlfriend material?


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  • All women are girlfriend material looks have absolutely no bearing on the personality of the woman.
    Simply what we are discussing is the openness to be approached.
    If you yourself say you think you come across ass aloof. Then those signals come over as taken or not interested.
    Your going to have to take yourself out of your comfort zone and approach a few guys. Many women like yourself find this very tough. You are good looking have a nice body. I shouldn't have to do anything guys should throw them selves at me. Well guys have big insecurities too. Your right they find you intimidating and fear rejection when approaching you. This is the worst thing for guys to feel and be seen by their mates. Loss of face. A huge dent in their male pride.

    • Im dating currently... it was just a question. or you assume this kind of questions can't be asked out of curiosity and knowledge.

    • No sorry made some big assumptions that your were referring to yourself.
      My apologies 😔

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  • I have to yet meet a girl who was really good looking and couldn't find a boyfriend for a longer period of time. Most of them start whining if they are single for over 2-3 months.
    Not so attractive people are not only plagued by their looks but also suffer from low self esteem. They genuinely need help because they hate themselves.


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  • A lot of it is about guys self confidence it takes a lot of guts to go up to a woman and ask her out. So a guy looks for signs that she might be interested before approaching. A shy girl, one with self confidence problems or one that seems out of his league he might not approach for fear of rejection especially if he's had a bad rejection before (extremely embarrassing or one where he got slapped, kneed in the balls, etc.) Ones that are suitable to date are ones that seem approachable, ones that make eye contact and smile, ones that seem encouraging.

  • I've never dated anyone.

  • People just assume that attractive people are stuck up and narcissistic. People envy hot guys and girls and feel sorry for the fat boys and chubby girls, so that's why the double standard exists.

    I got tired of being vilified for not giving fat girls a chance even though I hold myself to a high physical standard, like I haven't had pizza in almost two years so I can look good when the clothes come off. So I suffer through workouts and bland food to be hot, and then I'm a bad person if I won't date girls who are carrying 50 extra pounds of fat on their butts because they don't work hard.

    I love attractive girls, and I know that they can have personalities that are just as amazing as less attractive girls. Be as hot as you can be and never lower your standards. The problem for girls like you is that there aren't enough guys around with the balls and self-belief to approach hot girls like you.

  • Not all beautiful women are stuck up and unfriendly. Those are the ones who are most sought after. Unfortunately there are a ton of beautiful women whose personalities leave a lot to be desired. I personally would much rather date a more average looking girl with a wonderful personality.

    • why do you think average or ugly girl can't have bad personality, you think they 100% have good personality?
      why do you apply this 'rule' for pretty girls and not to average girls?

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    • Well OK then. I guess we now know the real reason you fail with men.

    • I have a boyfriend actually, wtf...

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