Texting a girl once a week... She seems more excited to hear from me?

I've been leaving it a week or two in between contacting the girl I was seeing over the summer (we've been apart for two months now).

Whenever I contact her, I get a quick reply and she sounds excited to hear from me and her texts are full of exclamation marks, smileys and questions. I tease her which makes her laugh and she's normally playful and teases me too. She's not back for a few more weeks and we'll definitely be seeing each other then.

Should I be contacting her more often or not? We're both busy and I'm wary of over contacting her. Plus 'abscene makes the heart grow fonder'.

Considering she doesn't normally contact me first, I feel like it's down to me what happens.


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  • That is good, keep contact with her

    • Good to hear, thank you for the advice!

      Do you think once a week or so is frequent enough?

    • Yup it's fine

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