Do you always assume women are into you for your money?

My ex used to where his financial assets on his sleeve as a way to attract women. He made an okay living and was a good saver, he advertising his income in a dating site.

To me it doesn't matter because I make a decent living on my own and when you are just dating it really doesn't matter anyways. It isn't like he is going to be spending any of it on you so it really doesn't factor in.

I actuly made sure that u paid at least more than half the time so he would know I wasn't looking for some type of free ride. In the end though since he saw that as his main asset and was uppity about it my paying my own way did more harm than good.


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  • I don't think money factors in. It's about the attraction. Although money can help sustain the relationship.


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  • Some insecure guys use financial gain as a form of compensation for other areas he most likely lacks in his life. These are the types of guys most of us refer to as d-bags. They're no better than guys who brag about much weight they can lift or how many girls they've slept with.

    I never assume women are interested in my money as when dating, I typically wait a while to even disclose such things, it's not really their business. I also don't ask them what they make, we of course know what each other does for work through normal conversation, but I keep the details out.

  • I don't have any. Is this why I'm single?

  • Yes we do, because it is true. Women deny it, as you're doing here, but the facts show women find money VERY attractive.

    Studies have proven it to be true time and time again. Show a photo of an average looking guy to a group of women and they will rate him a 5 or so. Show the same photo to a group of women and mention a $200K salary and suddenly his rating jumps to 7-9.

    So when us guys hear women saying money doesn't matter, it goes in one ear and out the other because we know the truth. We see it all around us every day. You may as well be trying to convince us the earth is flat.

    So yes, we do assume our earning power makes a huge difference to women.


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