Why this guy cried when I said no?

So I met this guy online. So chatted a bit and then met, he's a good guy but just not what I'm looking for. usually people would stop contacting if they find out they don't match, but he insisted to be friends, and ask me advice for other Asian girls, so I think it's ok. But second time we met, he said he really liked me, and hugged me twice tightly.. I said we didn't fit, then he cried... I have no idea, my question is, guys, is that normal? I never saw a man cried in front of me, plus, we only met twice, not like dated a long time.. and he seems in the military, isn't guy like him should be very strong and not care of this kind of thing?

What I can do to make him to get through it? I don't want to hurt his heart, because he's sensitive and already been hurt by other girls. I thought once he find another girl he'll forget about me, but seems unlikely in a short time and just ignore him seems very rude?


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  • The honest answers you give will help him grow as a person. It's hard for him to hear the truth, but he will be stronger from it.

  • Emotions...


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