Is he being shady or am I just overthinking things?

So I met this guy on a dating site almost a month ago now. We literally clicked and decided to meet straight away. Our first date was cute and we both had a really good time.
Our second and third and fourth were just as good. He's a lovely guy and he's been so nice to me. We seem to be similar in terms of things we want in life. I love the fact that we can joke/ laugh and also talk about serious stuff. We haven't talked about "US" and what's actually going on between us. We've just been going on dates. I don't wanna rush the conversation but it's playing on my mind because,
the other day I went on the dating site to show my friend a picture of him but he wasn't there, he had deleted me. I already know he hadn't deleted the site because I had seen it on his phone but I wasn't bothered by that because I hadn't deleted it either. BUT I am a bit concerned about the fact that, he has the site but has deleted me? Is he hiding something?
I don't want my time wasted if he's just interested in casual stuff.
HELP? Am I over thinking?


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  • I was in a similar situation, you're not overreacting; it's shady. He wants to make it seem like he's not on the site when he really is. That's a sort of red flag, I was seeing a girl for 2 months and nothing was official either but found out she was on a dating site so I ended it. People wanna have their cake and eat it too, maybe don't completely call it odd but don't put too much Ike or energy in it either, see how it goes but do be suspicious. Definitely not the right way to start things out by being deceptive.

    • Yeah I totally agree. I already have trust issues, I just don't want to go through being lied to again especially when I'm starting to like him.

  • Combination.


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