Red flag or am I being paranoid?

I went on my first date with a guy last night and it went really well , today he said he wanted to meet again tonight but had a headache so he said he will let me know if he's coming later. He rang and said he felt ill but wants to see me I said ok then half hour later he changed again and said can we do it next weekend because he has a bad headache , I felt messed about do you think it's a excuse?


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  • No I don't think so. He could of really had a headache and it got worse. Try again if he blows you off 2 more times move on. You make time for people you like. If it's important enough for you as well. Don't overthink it to much this time. Good luck

    • I think it's because I'm new to the dating scene and I'm thinking into it to much

    • Yeah don't over think It this time but again if he does it more then 2-3 times that's a flag bright and red

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  • If he has only let you down once then I would give him the benefit of the doubt... twice means he is unreliable, and three times means he is taking the piss and playing you.

    His headache may have gotten worse as the night went on. I get headaches sometimes, and I feel nauseous and just generally unwell. He may even get migraine. ... and migraine can be so debilitating. 😊


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  • No I think he is sick


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