Would you ever date someone who isn't as physically attractive as your ex?

To elaborate... suppose you were dating someone whom you find to be REALLY attractive physically. But things donโ€™t work out and you both break up. After this, if you happen to come across someone else who likes you and is compatible, but you donโ€™t find them as attractive as your ex. Would you still date them?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes. Why not? I know most people take it as a "downgrade", but if we're more compatible and he treats me better, than I'd consider that an "upgrade".

    Plus, I'm probably uglier than his exes too.

    Also, I really like this gif:


Most Helpful Guy

  • If I would find them attractive, that would be enough for me. Physical attraction, to me, isn't everything in a relationship, though I do think it's needed for one to work.

    • I get it. But if you happen to date a really attractive person once, do you use that as a benchmark to determine if you'll date someone in the future or not?

    • I don't think so no. I try not to compare people to others, because I find some features attractive on others and then not so much on others. Say red hair for example. I simply adore redheads, but I don't think it suits everyone. But then again, I might subconsciously do it and not know.

    • Ok, thanks for answering! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  • It's all about if *I * find her appealing, I don't do comparison to exes. :)


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