What qualities do girls like in guys -the most?

  • Confidence
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  • Sense of humor
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  • Intelligence
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  • Support
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  • Sensitivity
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  • Compassion
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  • Bravery and courage
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Most Helpful Girl

  • To each their own. But for me it is definitely more along the lines of sense of humor and intelligence. Someone I can laugh with until crying and then set down and have an intellectually stimulating conversation with afterwards.

    There is a difference between confidence humor and real humor. Confidence humor to me is when a man/woman thinks extremely highly of themselves and uses it as a way to be funny. Normally this is them being bitchy and sarcastic about everything. To me that isn't humor at all rather than a mask to their own insecurities. Real humor is what I look for. Someone who is hands down hilarious and knows how to joke around without using their confidence as a booster.

    And intelligence is huge for me. I don't want a man or woman who simply thinks they know everything because that truly just makes them look stupid. Someone who really does know and is humble about it, that's the true beauty of intelligence.

    • Never knew that bi girls are also looking for these qualities on other girls too, so thanks for explaining it, I have always thought it is just some kind of lust for the same sex.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Wealth, cock of horse, douchebaggery.


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What Girls Said 1

  • You are asking me to choose one of all of those? My man has all of those qualities, so I guess I am a lucky woman. However, he must be intelligent. I need someone that can hold intelligent, deep conversations with me and who will challenge me. That being said, if he does not make me laugh he isn't going to get very far either.


What Guys Said 1

  • You forget to mention big wallet...


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