Is he referring to my eyes or his? EASY Q. Looking for MHO?

I'm the blue, he's the grey.
Is he referring to my eyes or his? EASY Q. Looking for MHO?

  • He's referring to his eyes
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  • He's referring to your eyes
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  • no, you're completely misunderstanding him.

    he is saying "i don't know about that." as in "i don't agree that your eyes are boring".

    "i don't see them very much though to be fair" as in "i wish i could see you more often"

    • to answer your question, he's talking about your eyes. everything in his response was about you, not him.

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    • i am 100% sure that i am interpreting his text correctly.

    • Ok, thank you :) I've just asked another one that's similar to this, if it pops up, I'd like to hear your view on it too :)

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  • When you said "mine are dark and boring" his response was "I don't know about that. I don't see them very much though to be fair."

    He's definitely complimenting your eyes. He's making the assumption that they aren't as bad as you're saying they are.

    • Thanks for your take :) but are you sure? He's my ex, you see. Which is why I'd be very surprised if he was referring to my eyes.

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    • It's understandable. If my ex didn't have a boyfriend, I would subtly compliment her if given the opportunity.. Just because I like to see or make her smile. (But she does have one, so I just don't want to talk to her anymore)

    • I guess that's nice. He just went for a long time there hurting me and angry at me... I never thought he'd say anything nice again.

  • Your eyes girl!

    • How can you be sure? :) I couldn't tell!

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