Should I continue talking to a girl when she said she does not want to get in a relationship right now?

I really like this girl in my health class, so I finally told her I think she's really cute and could I maybe get her number. She smiled and gave me her number. Later that night I texted her "Hey, (her name), it's (my name) from health class :)". 2 hours later she replied saying "Hey, I'm very flattered that you said I'm cute, it's just I just got out of a relationship and I don't want to get into one right now, I should've told you that before, I'm so sorry". I texted back saying "It's all good but that wasn't my intentions I'm new to the school and I want to meet new people before the school year end". She does not reply after. Keep in mind that me and this girl barely talk in class and now I'm really disappointed because I can't think of anything I did wrong, I just moved to this school and I finally man up to talk to her and asked her number but what she did really throw me off. Should I text her back? Or even talk to her at all when I see her?


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  • She didn't respond because now you made her feel like an ass

    • Oh , I had a no idea, could you tell me how I can fix it? Or at least make it better?

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    • Would you say I still have a shot? Are is she just not into me at all?

    • You might. Maybe she just got busy and couldn't text back. You should def talk to her though when you see her.

What Guys Said 1

  • nope, just leave her alone

    • So don't ever talk to her again?

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    • when you get back from Thanksgiving break just ask her how her break was

    • Alright thanks for the help mate , really appreciate it :)

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