Girls, what would you choose, someone you love or your future?

Lets suppose to are 18 now and you have a boyfriend you love too much, been with him for years now,.. you are having difficulties in the relationship because you are fighting for dumb things and hurt him but can't find a way to change your attitude, plus you are tired of him because he has pursuided you too much because he felt he was losing you so became clingy.

You still love him , supposedly,... but you have two options now, you would have to choose between moving to texas, go to college there, where he can move too as you both planned in the relaitonship.. or you can move to washington for a better university, meaning you would go on a Long distance relationship or breakup... you choose.

by the way, you can come up with new options lol I dont mind.


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  • If this is my future we're talking about, I'm going to do what's best for me on the long run. If this better university gives me more chances for the future, if I think it's where I actually want to go then that's where I'm going. I would ask myself, what would make you happier? And yes, maybe leaving someone you love behind is hard, but following your dreams, I think, in that stage of your life, is more important.

    • so you would just let go of someone you love?

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    • Thank you, you sound very mature.. and yeah, i can't hate her tho i still love her the same but she's just mean and never apologized for treating me that way and probably never will

    • See? If she is too proud to even apologize for what she did wrong, why would she be worthy of your love, right? Take the time that you need to get over her but don't wallow in it too much. You will have to move on eventually. Don't let this affect you too much because there will be other people. Better people. Who actually deserve your love and will love you just as much as you love them. As soon as you feel ready, please, move on.

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