How to get the attention of the newsguy?

Well he is already my friend, and he does notice me, even tho I dont dont think he crushes on me, but he sees me and talks to me everytime we see each other, and he's really humble, smart, caring, a gentleman, the thing is he's got some girls all over him because he works on tv. I never really thought much about him being on the news untill I started to kinda crush on him, and I noticed HOW popular he is, and how intimidating that is in terms of competition, but he is a nice guy and even tho i am a shy girl he talks to me and is always sweet to everybody, I think thats one more reason for him to have those little girls being TOO nice to him... I dont even have him and im already struggling with jealousy X´D Any tips?


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  • Ask him out already! Go to lunch or a movie or bowling or SOMETHING to pull his attention on you. If you like him, don't wait for him to ask you. Take charge and score.


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