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So about a month ago I went to bar and noticed a girl from one of my classes. I noticed that everytime I would see her she would be looking right at me. So after that night I started seeing her in class always looking at me, and the same thing would also occur in the labs. The strange thing was that when I would smile or nod at her she would simply look away! So I started talking to her, but I feel like everytime we would talk to eachother the conversations seemed somewhat forced at times, and everytime we would talk it was because I intiated the conversation. Now my question is what is up with this woman? Every girl who has liked me at least sometimes starts the conversation up to some extent, but she doesn't she just makes me do it all the work, but when we do talk she talks to me like someone who isn't shy. It's weird...
What's her deal? What should I do? Is she shy, not interest, or what?


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  • She is shy, meaning if you are interested in her you will need to make the first move.

    If you decide to go through and approach her, it only gets easier for both of you over time, most importantly her.


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