How did you get the attention of your current boyfriend or girlfriend?

All cases and storied shared are valid, but specially if you were the one chasing, and specially if you are one of those people who were in love with someone you thought would never ever pay attention to you, but still you never gave up and won their heart? share your stories so I can get some inspirations, how did you chase your loved one and how did you two happen?


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    When I met Jackson it was my sophomore year. (His freshmen year) I was in a relationship with a boy named Noah. My mother hated him and I had so many problems. Well... I'm in speech and debate in a category called Original Oratory where wee rite our own 10 minute speech abou anything we want! Jackson had joined the team that year and had been placed in OO with me. (Original oratory) he was tall... Quiet... And his hair hung long in his face which was covered in freckles and masked with large glasses. His entire appearance was like the shell of a turtle. And he was just as quiet. So so so shy! I think I may have talked to him once shortly to introduce him to the category... Then came the day that we revealed our speeches. When he got up there, and started reading off his speech, my mind was blown. This incredibly nervous, shaking, quiet boy... Was so full of personality! His speech was about embracing our inner nerdiness, self acceptance, and over all awesomeness... An his personality radiated through every word he spoke. Instantly I felt something for him. Being with Noah I settled on trying to make friends... But he shrugged me off. He wasn't interested in coming to my parties. Deep down I knew he wa just shy but still... It bothered me! Then Noah and I broke up because of my mom... After that I was afraid to invite another boy into my life but all at once I was falling for the tall shy boy at speech. Then I found out he was a published author. AUTHOR. A 15 year old with a 6 book contract to a publishing company who had just published book one of a six book series! I was instantly vurious and went to the store and bought it. His book became my excuse. My excuse to stop him in the hall and say hi, my excuse to text him, to talk to him, and finally it became my excuse to ask him to go get hot hockey's after signing my book. From there a friendship grew and we became very close. My feelings were obvious but even the week before I knew, I was sure he didn't feel the same... Thy I was too loud and too stupid... He's just so brilliant an wonderful... But one night I went to his house and his family was over... We got bombarded with the "are you dating question" to which I was the only one replying! I kept saying no... But I yelled at him for not replying. It was when I was leaving he asked, "when people ask me what should I say?" I reply slyly (not wanting to admit my feelings first) "Say whatever you want." That night when I got home

    • He called me. He asked quietly, "When they ask that... can I say that we are more than friends?" And I of course said I thought that was a wonderful idea! Since then we've been together nearly 7 months. In the beginning we were awkward... Hardly touching. It took three months for him to kiss me! 4 for me o say I love you... And now we are entirely comfortable with each other. I am forever grateful to speech for bringing us together.

  • I was seated next to my current boyfriend in a math class we took together. I would draw and read a lot during the off times before class begun and he would ask me about my books or compliment my drawings. It just went from there.


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