Am I in an emotionally abusive relationship? I need guidance?

I am starting to think my boyfriend is emotionally abusive. We dated 4 and a half years ago and never spoke those years. About 4 months ago we ran into one another and gave it another shot. At first everything was fantastic. I felt we had both matured and were better people.

However.. I started to notice whenever he is angry, he makes me feel like trash. He does not verbally name call me, but he uses my name with such an angry tone at the end of his sentences. He has a horrible anger issue to the point I feel so uncomfortable because I do not know what to say. A few examples:

We were drinking with friends and randomly he got angry and left the room, I followed to check on him and he started screaming at me for something I had said earlier (I had lived in the UAE for a few months) and was angry about how I was showing one of my friend arabic while talking. He made me burst into tears crying.

Whenever he gets mad at a video game or his computer and I try to help, he snaps at me and makes me feel really bad. His anger makes me so upset and I always end up leaving.

This evening I just left because he hurt my feelings and I drove home crying. He hasn't bothered to text me nor did he even attempt to stop me from leaving.

I feel at such a loss. His anger constantly upsets me and I feel exhausted and torn. A part of me keeps thinking he will be better as time goes by but I have seen no change the few months we have dated.


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  • Don't stay with someone who makes you feel this shitty. Please don't do that to yourself. You deserve so much better. He's definitely toxic and has a lot of anger issues.


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  • If he makes you cry like that all the time, it's emotionally abusive.

    Source: I'm an emotionally abusive boyfriend who's trying to not be

    • Thank you for your honesty Pow! I appreciate it! I haven't heard a single thing from him since I left his house. I guess I may not be a priority.

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  • This guy is not changing. Get out of there as fast as possible.


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