I don't know what to do?

I've known this guy for 2 years now. It's been a pretty flirty relationship. After the first week we confessed we had feeling for each other. He was my first kiss and I've gone through a lot with him. About 6 or so months ago he met this girl. Me and him were never exclusive so we agreed we could date other people, so it was okay. One thing you need to know is I have a bad jealousy problem. I'm working on it, but that doesn't change that I am. So I kind of accepted this relationship. He started coming to me with his problems and I helped him out with her. We are in high school and everyone talks about how him and this other girl are a couple. I know for a fact they're not because he doesn't want to be in an exclusive relationship. And whenever I ask him about it he'll always quickly reply with a no. Yes, they look like they're together, that's because she's clingy and he'll sit and complain to me about it. I'm his best friend. Not friend zoned but I mean he comes to me with his problems. I'll sit and listen to him complain about her and his life. Watching them hurts me. Whenever I go over to his house we always have a good time. We cuddle and make out on his couch. He tells me he loves me he will talk about our future together and all the places he wants to take me. Or he'll message me telling me he misses me. I don't know what to do. Thank you!


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  • he sees a future with you and loves you, but doesn't want to be exclusive? Tell him that seeing him with that other girl hurts you beyond belief and that you too care for him and that you want to be with him. And if he doesn't choose you I would just leave him alone to get his shit together. You sound like his side piece and it seems to cause you some degree of anxiety or distress


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