How to deal with being in love with someone u can't be with?

I will try to make this quick. So hopefully someone will read this. But there is the guy who I meet 5 years ago (let's say he is my dads friend ) and he is always been in my life since I was 16. The moment I saw him I had the biggest crush on him and at first I thought it was just an attractive thing but the more time I spend with him and listened to his story's and learned about his life I started falling hard. He never stops making me laugh. But he has a wife and I know he would never want me he is 37. I prob see him about once a month and talk to him on the phone once a week. (Nothing sexual) I have had boyfriends but he is always on my mind and in my eyes the person man. I thought after time these feelings would of faded. But they r not. And every so often I sit and listen to sad songs and cry about him. How can I get over him?


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  • Hmmm I was in your shoes.. Once
    I used to go to a private class.. And the teacher (women) was very beautiful and cute and all...
    I started to like her a lot... I used to love going to the class because of her...

    And then when the class was over I was all sad and shit... I used to see her in my dreams... And all LOL...

    But whatever after that I stopped thinking about her.. And forget about her Lol...

    You have to get over him by not thinking about him and enjoying like as it takes you towards new things everyday.. !


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  • Moving on is the only option


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