Girls, when Is it ok to add light petting to kissing when with a new women where should I not tuch?

  • do wemen like to be tuch nicely wile being kissed
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  • stay with the kissing for a while?
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What Girls Said 2

  • Stay with the kissing. Hands on the small of her back or her waist is appropriate. A single hand at the nape of her neck if you're really passionately kissing may be fine.

    If you want to move past that, just take it slow. She should be able to let you know if she doesn't want your hand somewhere. Start outside the clothes too; it's less sudden.

  • petting? We aren't dogs. Maybe just use your hands and put them where you want that's appropriate and above the clothes if you're early on in a relationship. If she moves your hand from where you put it, do not put it back to where she moved it from.


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