"See where things go..." What does it mean (in this context)?

I have been seeing this guy for about two months now, and we never actually talked about what we were looking to get out of dating. (We met on a dating app.) I have been really concerned about him seeing this as more casual than I do, so I decided I needed to bring it up in the least confrontational way possible. My first boyfriend was really apathetic about our relationship, even after going out for a year, and now I'm paranoid about guys' actions making me think they care more than they do.

So, at the end of our latest date I told him that I should have brought it up sooner, but I'm looking for an exclusive relationship with the right person, eventually. I made it clear that we were still able to see other people if we wanted to, but I didn't want to remain casual indefinitely, and I was making sure we were on the same page.

He told me that he likes hanging out with me and hasn't seen anyone else for a little over a month since going out with me. He also said that he hasn't been in a serious relationship for a while and, taking into account our age difference (me 19 and him 23), he wants to see where things go. He added that that's usually what he does, but it also causes him to have some commitment apprehension. That kinda worries me, to be honest. We haven't done anything more than makeout pretty much every date, so I'm fairly positive he's not just in it for sex. We were holding hands the whole conversation, and he kissed me goodbye and said he had a good time on the date when I was leaving.

I'm just overall really worried about getting hurt, which feels pathetic, but could any guys
(or girls) offer me some advice or insight about what they make of the situation? Thank you so much.


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  • Wow! U wrote a lot! maybe he mean lets wait it out and then let see if a relationship goes somewhere!

    • Haha, I know... because I'm completely overthinking the whole thing >.< but thank you :)

    • hope that helps... just wait it out and see slow it down I doubt he is going anywhere.

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