Would she do this if she was interested?

So I have known this girl for the past 2 years from school. We hang out socially with friends. She graduated last year but lives 10 mins from school. My roommate is one of her best friends. On Halloween I did something nice for her and she said thank you and hugged me. The other weekend she had a few friends over and we watched football games. I sat on a couch and she sat next to me and made a comment about sitting next to me and being ready to cuddle. I made a few comments and she was laughing and she would grab my arm as she was laughing. We have each other's snapchat and we just started snapping back and forth the other day. But sometimes I'll send one and she won't reply. Yeah she maybe busy working or something else. But I would think if she is interested wouldn't she respond or something? What are your thoughts?


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  • nobody can be sure, but her. But It seems like she likes you. If you like her to you should tell her. I'm in a relationship that was exactly like that, my boyfriend tould me that he liked me and I told him I was too. We were like you, just friends but with some unusual behaves, like sometimes I would look at him and he was looking at me and we would both smile or things like that. But if you don't like her just don't talk to her about that. Because if you said to her that you didn't feel the same way she would be devasteded.
    Hope I helped you


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  • My thoughts are that snapchat is a very faulty app. Especially on android there is a lot wrong with it. It's also very hassle to reply on snapchat compared with normal texting so my advice is to ask for her number. And as soon as you get it call her and ask her if she wants to do something. Go from there. If she says yes then do what you were gonna do. If she says a straight no then leave her, she's not worth it. If she says she can't but shows compromise then just try again in a week or so. But text her a couple of times in between. Hope this helps


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  • yes she's interested. yes she could still reject you if you take action (which you should, cuz nothing happens if you don't)

    just don't be an idiot.

    • My only concern is that we only have each other's snapchat and that's it.

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