Eye on another guy. Back off? Or ask her out again?

She said yes both I asked her out. and even said "next week?" after saying she was busy al week. When i followed up a second time she said she would text me when she is free.

After not hearing from her for awhile i approached one of her close friends. I was told she had her eye one someone else, but the situation was uncertain. I basicly felt lead on, So I backed off.

I can not stop thinking of her. I hang out with her a few times a week in group settings. But i do not want to hurt our friendship. Is it best to back off, and get to know her better as a friend in group settings? Or be super clear and ask her out a third and final time?


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  • Ask her out

    • Please read the question. I have twice now..

    • Best thing to do is some space, because she might like the other guy

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