Guys, whats going on? boyfriend is acting very distant, what to do?

I've been in a serious relationship for almost a year. I know all of his family and spend all of my weekends with them and he knows mine and same story. Recently he has been too busy at work and have seen less and less of him. He says its work but I recently found out that he's been insecure about his feelings about me and his ex has been trying to get him back. He doesn't know I know but he won't open up about it. He says we are just going through a rough patch and that im the girl for him and he loves me and we shouldn't give up on us and blah blah. He won't spend the night anymore and seems very distant but still affectionate. Hope im making sense here. I'm trying to give him this space and not nag about why he's been acting this way. I've already confronted him about the distance and his actions but he insists it's work related stress. I'm not going to ask again and rather wait a bit for him to tell me what's truly going on. What could be happening? Is he really having second thoughts? What should I do?
I've already said all that's bothering me in the most respectful and educated manner. Saying I dont deserve to be treated that way. Now it's time for him to respond and I'll give him time to think, breathe and then say or do what he needs. It's not all about me but I shouldn't reward bad behaviour or let him get away with mistreating me. It's not a war after all.


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  • A guy in a relationship being ''distant'' is always a bad sign... it's either he's seriously attracted to someone else or... he's not committed to you in the long haul... just ask him, if he still doesn't want to tell the truth then it's your turn... detach yourself from him and see what's really going on.. if he pursues you, that means he still loves you

  • You sound chill and like you're doing the right thing giving him space for work because that's important if that's what it really is. Depending on what kinda guy he is you appeal to his dick for intervention. But being cool with things and treating him like a person capable of expressing himself accurately is actually really good compared to how crazy some people could go. Hope he feels lucky having someone like that.


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