I have a patter of losing interest quickly.. I like the "thrill of the kill" more than the guy. is it because I haven't met "the one" yet or is it me?

I honestly am worn out. I put myself out there, meet guys, date... And then i lose feelings so fast. I'm genuinely concerned. The pattern is always the same. Example,

I see a guy. "Wow! He looks so neat. I must get to know him!" --introduce self to guy or somehow get him to talk to me with obvious signs--- he talks to me. We get along & I genuinely do like the guy... He's interesting, cool, smart. Yet, I feel emptiness with each encounter. Like here I am again. And when we are together, I feel concealed, reticent... Half in an act because of some sort of internal fear I have. Then after we spend time together, I go home feeling empty and sad... Like I'll never find someone I can truly connect with. It's not connecting with feelings or thoughts, but something deeper I can't explain. I go after guys full swing, and I normally can get any guy since I am smart, witty, and very pretty. But... Why do I always end up feeling so alone? Why do they feel such a great connection when inside I'm pure stone? I get such a thrill of going after guys; it starts so fun. And then I "win" them, and feel like... Well now what.. As I stare back at a face that I can't see a future with because I don't truly feel a connection.

its happened countless times and I just want to give up.
Omg pattern* hahah not patter


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What Guys Said 1

  • So you like some spice in your food eh?
    I think you just need to find the right guy.


What Girls Said 1

  • I believe its because you haven't found the right one yet.
    You will deffo know when you have found the one.

    But this whole thing just sounds like a stage in life that you will overcome.
    Takes time and patience, i hope you meet the one by the way. :D


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