Am I over thinking this or what?

Last week i went out with the guy i am close to (alberto) and my cousin (lana). At first everything was all cool then they started talking and i was left alone there, told them i needed to get something then they said after this waited a bit until its finished then they were about to get some more. I texted the guy i was really close to few years back (Josh). Told them that i need to pick him up, they were okay with it.

On our way to the car told alberto i was in a bad mood then he just walked back to lana. I was so pissed i walked faster. No they didn't catch up with me.

Went to this place downtown ny after i pick up josh, and yes they were talking again. Me and josh were talking and he said "no wonder you're in a bad mood". When we were about to pay i payed for mine and alberto actually paid for lana. I was like "the hell?" didn't say anything about this to him though.

When we were walking to the car I walked with josh told him that I want to sit with him and he said "its okay hey he's just looking for friends".

What do you think about this whole situation?
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Do you think I should just stop all kinda of contact with him? Or talk to him about this?
They were not flirting they were just talking


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  • The way things are going, I think there's no need to 'cut-ends' with him, just men in particular (a bit of generalisation here) tend to not really understand why women get upset, so unless you made it obvious why you were upset (which you shouldn't have to do) then he'd probably not get the point. Talking to him might help but he can always play his way out, but I'd say if you feel uncomfortable about it try talking to your cousin first and then try explaining things to him if it still drags on. If Alberto was always an outgoing overly friendly guy towards women, this could be the normal but in my opinion, if you two went on a date and he so much turns a blind eye towards you then he obviously isn't worth what what I see.

    • Told him i was in a bad mood (but not because he was wasn't paying attention to me) and he walked slower and then walked with lana.

      Almost mid-night and he hasn't texted me. So i guess I should just not talk to him anymore.

      He's a pretty outgoing guy maybe thats why, still i dont think thats a reason to left me out of their conversation.

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    • He usually text if i dont text him first thats why i wonder why he hasn't text until now.

    • I'd say give it a day or so but either a) He's lost interest in you or b) He still thinks you're mad (probably at him)
      I'm not one to talk but this is why I despise of technology as a simple face-to-face chat and all uncertainties would be gone for good!

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  • I am picking apart, Part by Part, with the story before my eyes with all he Guys. It seems that with Albert and Lana who First were getting 'Cozy,' you then Text Josh to join the Threesome here, dear, and Now... A comfy foursome.
    I think with Them Both right from the 'Three' Beginning of the Beguine, of Leaving You rudely Out, you had a right to be mad right then and there and Now, with Josh, who I feel was not a fifth wheel but came along at the right time with your Text, Joined you in time so Now... Everyone has someone in mind.
    In lamen's terms, Alberto and lana, who She is blood, it seems with her even, that Blood isn't thicker than water, she kind of took Alberto under her own eye and you all ended up with another guy. Alberto even paid her way and Paved the Way for her as well, I can te4ll.
    Stick with Josh now and move on, sweetie. No more Three Musketeers to my own ears And.. Eyes.
    Good luck. xx

    • I told my friend this and he asked "were there any flirting?" I said no, they were just talking about work, the city etc. so my friend think alberto is just trying to make friends (he's not from here).

      Do you think i should just stop talking to him? What if he text me? What is he wants to hangout?

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    • Thank you, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence and You have my own Vote to take it the rest of the way today. xxoo

    • You're welcome 😊😊❀️

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  • I think the consensus from the other answers is probably the correct move - Ask Alberto what is going on whether he likes Lana or were they just being friendly - The story is so full of choices and it could have gone anyway at any juncture so the best thing is to get to the root of the issue and check with Alberto then decide how to continue.

    • We did talked about it 2 days ago and ended up having a fight about it.

      He thought that it was an open conversation but i said his body language said the other way around. I told him that i feel he's more interested in her than me and he said he's not amd asked me why I think that and i said cause she is more interesting then he said "well she's not". Blablabla in the middle of talking he got ill, food poisoning, then after he felt a little bit better i drove him home.

      Made him lunch today and saw him on the afternoon, i think we're good now.

    • I am glad you seem to have sorted it out

  • So you can't write a coherent post.
    Your so self involved that if people aren't giving you all the attention, you get jealous and pissy.
    and, as usual, the woman wants the guy to pay for everything...
    if they like each other, that is not your business. seems your the only problem in this scenario.

    • 1. Im dating alberto.
      2. I don't expect him to pay for me
      3. You clearly do not understand my expectation

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    • Honestly, I found it difficult to understand too. But I got the general bit of it when I saw the question.
      I did not know that you were dating Alberto... I thought that you just liked him and were worried that he might like your cousin instead...

      Which he does.

      If he was dating you, he wouldn't have paid for your cousin's tab.

      And no, I don't think that the OP is upset because she didn't get all the attention and he didn't pay for her, it's that he's acting like he likes her cousin right in front of him and paid for her.

    • right in front of her* not him.

  • Alberto paying for Lana's food, to me, is a signal that he likes her.

    • Should i stop talking to him?

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    • That's exactly what my friend told me to do haha. Thanks for the answer!

    • No problem! :)

  • I guess he likes Lana. It's kind of weird why he paid for her.

    • Exactly! Do you think I should just stop talking to him or what?

      We did kissed in the car for a bit though which kind of makes me feel stupid

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    • He kissed me but I kissed him back. It wasn't me who wanted it at first

    • Ah don't feel bad 😊 Talk to him as usual. Tip - do not take any girl with you when you're meeting a guy πŸ˜€

  • I think you should try to talk things out with Alberto!

  • Why did you invite your cousin if you wanted to go out on what sounded like a date with Alberto? Strange decision.

    • It wasn't a date. We see each other everyday and lana wanted to meet him

    • Well in that case its just bad luck. But if u really like Alberto, tell him before you lose your chance!

    • He knows i like him and he i, at least thats what he said

  • Mister Alberto seems to like your cousin Lana.


What Girls Said 1

  • Alberto might like lana


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