Guys, Why would you text someone a lot but not ask them for a second date?

I've been chatting to a guy I met on a dating website for a couple weeks now. We met up had two drinks, great chat, and generally a very nice time. Afterwards he messaged me saying it was "good to meet and chat". We kept messaging each other late into the night.

This Whatsapping has been going on for about 4 days since - but no mention of a second meet up. Although I've hinted a few times at future drinks, he hasn't tried to lock-down a day.

My question is - is he actually interested in persuing this, or did he just think 'nah' when we met and wants to keep me on the back-burner? Or worse, as a friend? Why would he keep talking to me if he doesn't want to ask me out?


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  • He may still be figuring out if you are someone he wants to see further. 4 days really isn't that long. He may be thinking if you are interested you will ask. I would give it a couple more days, then if he hasn't asked you by then, you ask him!

  • Potentially he wasn't impressed but also it might be logistical. He may be busy at work. He may be clearing himself of the clap. You know regular stuff. But you can initiate and see what happens. Only if you like him and think it is worth pursuing. The other side of the coin is he my not be interested, but he may think he can get lucky.


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