When I start chatting with a girl online, whats the advantage of getting her number?

if we're going to keep texting untill a date, whats the diference if we text using the dating app or not?


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  • She might think you're not really interested if you don't ask for her number. That's how I would take it. Besides, it's easier for most people to text back and forth rather than logging into an app and going to the messages.

    • ok, haven't thought of that. when would you say would it be appropriate then to ask for it? how soon/how late?:P

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    • @becca123 said it best. I'll check back for a few days online, but then I assume he's never going to make a move. A week is the most I would ever stretch it out, but you can gauge how the conversation is going to help you decide. If she seems interested, ask for her number. I've given mine as quickly as a single day if we're back and forth online for a while and really hitting it off.

    • @becca123 would you still say that if you only exchanged 1 or 2 texts a day, max?

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  • real life better results


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  • Actually, it's the ability to continue a conversation without having to log in to the app 20 times a day that makes it advantageous; sort of instant gratification.

    • wow it never crossed my mind that girls prog all turn their notifications from the app off, otherwise their phone would ring non stop! good point:)

  • She could quit the dating app and then you'll have no way to contact her.


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