Any help people :/ ?

how to start a conversation with strangers gils and wha to say and act to get her one day as a girlfriend... been in these situation , tell me any expreience , thnx !


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  • 1. Be casual. Don't become too serious at the beginning, or else you'll scare her away. Start off by asking her about safe topics like school or plans for the holidays.

    2. Get to know her more by asking her personal questions about her life. What she likes to do, what her favorite things are, etc.

    3. Remember the little things about her and mention them whenever possible. Be casual though, you don't want to freak her out.

    4. Ask her if she's single or taken. After becoming friendly, you can ask her the big question. If she says she's single, then you can ask her out. If she's taken, well, then you can move on.


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  • -talk to her
    -make her laugh

  • What are you saying?

    • how to start a conversation with a stranger girl , any tips?

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