Guys, Why does my boyfriend not show me love?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 7 months, he has told me he loves me before, he does it rarely but he really means it. We have a long distance relationship 45km (you can say) - we see each other once a week cuz he has no car, sometimes even a month. And I love him too, but the problem is that he doesn't call and when I did before he could not talk, So I call him now really rearely, he calls but it's like once a week or twice for 2-3 max. 10 minutes or so... We rearely have long conversations and so its with chatting - all superficial like good morning and such, he doesn't even text me a good night massage or so only sometimes. He responds late and we don't really have a conversation. When we see each other is all ok he shows it, but when we are not it's almost like strangers. And I've talked to him to tell him how I feel, that I would like to hear his voice offer, to know what he's doing, how his day is but he does it for day or two and then the same shit. And I'm unhappy and tired of lying myself that it will be alright... I'm thinking of breaking up with him, but I still don't understand why, why and why? So, help me with the answer please? Why is it not working out?


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