Girls, how to tell between friendly and hiding she likes you?

How can you tell the difference between a girl who is friendly who likes you as a person compared to hiding the fact she likes you? Can you tell? I really don't know with one girl, I really like her so I maybe looking for signs that are not there.


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  • This is a pretty tricky situation. I'd have to say that a girl who really likes you would be fairly consistent in her behavior. A girl who isn't really sure or is uninterested would be hot and cold with her behavior. Also, a girl who's interested will try to maintain eye contact often, along with trying to be next to you as much as possible, along with flirting and teasing, maybe blushing and lowering her head often as well. She might also be very open in her body language, because she has nothing to hide from you. A girl who is uninterested or unsure will keep fair eye contact, just to be respectful, but may seem distracted. She may be playing on her phone or keep looking around the room. Additionally, a girl who's uninterested or unsure might find excuses to not be next to you or may seem uncomfortable with the idea of touching you. Then again, if we're talking about a shy girl, she might be nervous and therefore avoid situations where she's alone with your or next to you. I would have to know more about her behavior in order to determine for sure whether or not she likes you.


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