Girls, Who is Tinder for?

Personally, I think that a young girl (early 20s) who use Tinder to hopefully find a new boyfriend, is either a desperate girl or a girl who has run out of other options... Am I right?


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  • Not necessarily. She could be naive or just optimistic which is pretty much the same...

    • Thanks for your reply.
      However. I still think that a girl in her early 20s should have plenty of options to meet a guy in the real world. Tinder is the last resort (if you ask me)

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    • Besides, you asked a question and I stated my opinion. That's how questions work. One doesn't ask questions solely to get his or her idea confirmed. So even if you think your reasoning is the only logical explanation you should know that other people might not agree with you.

    • Thanks a lot for your reply :)
      Please dont take my replies as a negative one. I am asking questions to learn.
      I just dont get it why so many young and attractive girls would use Tinder as their first resort, when there are so many options for them in RL. But maybe I am just a little to old-fashion when it comes to romance.

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