When I told him I want to date his friend, he asked me "will you marry him"?

I told him that I want to ask his friend out, so he said "will you marry him?"
so I said, "I dont know" So he was like "then why ask him out if you dint want to marry him?"

1st time someone ever asked me this. Why would he ask me this?
Did he try to tell that there is no way i'll date his friend?


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  • Maybe he thinks that if you don't value him as marriage material you should not deserve to date him. Although this complete BS, that's what he is saying.

    • if a girl will ask you out, will ask her would you marry me before dating her?

    • It's quite ridiculous really.

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  • He is probably trying to protect his friend

  • That's a shitty thing to do in the first place

    • shitty thing to do what?
      asking this or dating him even though i wot marry him?

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