Any reasons not to date you?

In your opinion, state all the bad traits or baggage you may have. Then read everyone else's opinions, and if you'd overlook their flaws and still date them, upvote. If you couldn't handle dating them, downvote.

It may sound like an odd request, but this would answer a lot of questions i have about the dating life, so it would be much appreciated.

To get you all started off: I am pretty clingy, overly physically affectionate, have some slight trust issues, i was raised with only female parental figures, which a lot of people say rubbed off on me--saying that i sometimes act "feminine", as in I'm more emotional and sensitive than the average guy, I'm also extremely insecure about my physical appearance.


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  • I say sorry for things I shouldn't be sorry about, however when i'm actually in the wrong it takes a few minutes for me, I also am not a jealous person so if I do get jealous it's not a good look, i also have trust issues due to past ex's cheating on me (two of them), i like to be alone sometimes and don't like to go out a lot, but when I do I usually don't stay out late. I HATE tardiness, so sometimes I get a little impatient. As for baggage I suppose I'm still in contact with one of my exes regarding my dog.


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  • I'm not dating material :) Especially because I don't want to have kids or get married or build a family. My dream was always to travel the world as a single, free person :)

    • I would like to travel a lot as well, but I'd rather do it with a partner, than be alone.

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  • Hmmm
    1: i have no dating experience
    2: I'm a weirdo and definitely lower his coolness reputation
    3: I'm very picky
    4: my laugh is ugly
    5: I'm overly sexual
    6: I'm white--thats a bad thing at my school
    7:I am an insane pessimist
    8: I can name at least 3 laws Im currently breaking😂

  • 1. Slight trust issues
    2. I get super anxious sometimes.
    3. I laugh wayyyyy too much
    4. I can be super ditzy sometimes (like omg)
    5. I can be very impatience with slow/stupid people
    6. I cry for random things
    7. My parents annoy tf out of me
    8. I don't like my nose

    There's more I just can't think of it now.

  • I don't like large crowds. I don't drink. I'm shy at first. I won't easily have sex with you. I'm indecisive. I am late... to everything. I laugh at totally inappropriate times. I'll steal your truck sometimes. =)

  • I like being the center of attention but I also need my space, I'm not going to message you all the time, sometimes I just need my time. I'm stubborn and like to do things my way, I'm a perfectionist.


What Guys Said 1

  • I'm short, I'm skinny ermm...
    I'm protective, sometimes too..
    I have ADHD, so sometimes I can be a little snappy.
    I'm not physically intimidating, therefore girls may not feel protected around me.

    That's pretty much it. 😂

    This is a new one, usually it's just upvote or downvote if you'd date them.

    Surprise me.


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