Why is it so hard to impress girls these days?

They easily get creeped out by the most simplest things like the word hello, they don't respond to you when you message them whether it's in a chatroom or on fb and sometimes they do this on purpose to provoke you.

Thats why I have convinced myself that talking to girls is a waste of time because 1. They don't reply unless you look "attractive" and 2. They just assume you are a creepy pervert or make other baseless assumptions about you. Please make up your minds do you want people to be friendly or do you want people to be mean and angry? Because you seem to be creeped out by friendlyness and when I say friendlyness I mean telling jokes and saying hello.

This is also why I refrain from joining online dating sites because no matter what I say or how I present myself I will get ignored. Congratulaitions feminists you have won your war on men, you have succeeded in instilling fear in women and brainwashed them to beleive every man is a creepy pervert unless they look like brad pitt.
And I am already expecting verbal abuse from angry women who can't handle criticism and are incapable of providing constructive feedback.


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  • You make it sound like it HAS to be either or. What if we don't want you to be friendly or mean? Like we just want to not be acknowledged?

    I always respond and I troll them back. IF they're being creeps. You send me a dick, I'll message "sword fight!" And send a pic of a bigger dick.
    But if you're being decent, I'll reply honestly.

    I've never tried online dating but I don't think I'd like it because it's so impersonal. I need to be weird with you in person. There's too much that can't be conveyed through screens and messages.

    • You see you're making assumptions. I don't send anyone pictures or photos whatsoever. I usually just say hello.

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    • Thank you for proving my point. you are free to comment on this thread but I will no longer be replying to your comments.

    • Whatever dude

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  • I don't know what happened to the follow option for questions. I'd like to follow this question with great interest.

    If a woman unjustly regards you as a creep, my advice would be not to give a shit. On the other hand, if MANY women regard you as a creep, it might be fruitful to examine the way you approach them.

    Although some deny it, it's true that some women do disregard a man as a creep based solely on the way he looks. That's because 2 million years of human evolution has evolved us that way. It makes sense. Sperm is cheap, but having a baby isn't. If she has a baby with someone who isn't genetically desirable, she's out of action for months, perhaps even years, and it takes years to raise it. Women are evolved to be highly selective and suspicious of who wants to mate with them. Where I take issue with some women (please note I said "some") is that they cannot seem to maintain a civil tongue when rejecting someone who has approached them, even when it's done politely. For some reason, they have to voice their disgust, even when a man approaches them politely and respectfully.

    I don't look like Brad Pitt, but women don't call me a creep in person. To the best of my knowledge, they don't do it behind my back either. If they do, I don't care.


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  • Dating is quite frustrating. I know I have personally sent out messages to guys who have ignored my message. The only reason I persevere is because I want to find a guy and have a great relationship and live happily ever after.

    Unfortunately it's not that simple. I need someone who I am compatible with. I need someone who is attracted to me. There has to be some sort of mutual attraction and compatibility. That is easier talked about than found.

    I'm not really sure what your profile looks like (when you mentioned sending messages, I assume you mean online dating) or what kind of messages you are sending. But there are a million things that could have turned them off. It could be they read through your profile and didn't see anything interesting to them. Perhaps they are still talking to an ex boyfriend and are not sure if they are really ready to date other guys. Or maybe they are just too scared of online dating as it is (too much stranger danger).

    Your messages may not be creepy at all. It just might be the girls you have messaged are not interested for one reason or another. I wouldn't take it too personally. It's all part of the process.

    The best thing you can do is to keep trying. Eventually you will talk to a girl who is interested in you.

    Also, there are plenty of people online who are just fake pages created by the dating website. This is more prevalent if you are using a free service.

    TBH the best thing you can do is keep trying. Try to have people edit your profile and try to present yourself as good as possible.

  • just stop going for mean, over confident girls. You're not specially attractive? guess what, some girls aren't either.
    And when will you understand there is no war but i could show you some very creepy things I received on tinder and you might understand why some girls are insecure.

  • When was it ever easy bro?
    Oh yeah, the dark agezzz 😂

  • I don't believe it Is the feminists, it's the rapid change is society. Their is no certain protocol to behaving in a relationship, 100 years ago everyone knew what was and was not acceptable in the general dating/courting route, 50 years ago everything changed, we were liberated, since then every aspect of society has relaxed, too relaxed that some men and women go around taking enjoyment in messing with people's emotions and using them for their body that people no longer can tell if a honest person is true or a player. We don't let people in, technology has made us isolated as well. I can't give you answer to meeting someone who is perfect for you I can say that the game has changed, I only trust people who my friends vouch for. Good luck

    • Well my situation is the worst because I moved to the U. S when I was 16 (6 years ago) and I have no friends, I do not know anyone and I have no car because my mother and I have moved a lot from state to state. So basically I have no chance because people are too lazy to get to know someone even if it's just for the sake of making friends.

  • I personally dont like or do onlie dating. But you can't judge us all girls yhe same. I really appreciate when guys say hello n are friendly becausr most guys are rude n will only talk to you if your "hot". Most of my friends are guys and I think that the girls that think all the guys are chasing them are a bunch of attention seeking bitches.


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  • Maybe change your approach?

    Or just simply smile.. If they smile back.. Give them a cheeky wink of they look down or look embarrassed or even wink back go talk to her

    But Idc who you are.. You gonna get rejected a lot

    Unless you're sitting on a unicorn adventador

  • Because you're not a super hot stud.

    Thank the media and other idiots spreading the false information that every guy has good potential to be a rapist.

  • For this reason, is why you approach girls ALL the time, in massive numbers! It may take 20 failures to get one girl's interest. :-P

  • ░░░░░░░▄▀▀▀░░░░░░░▀▄░░░░░░░

    You are whipping your penis out wrong.

  • Just do 200 cold approaches monthly is better than swiping right on tinder!

  • fuck those hoes

  • And they wonder why rape is on the rise.

  • I'll go anon to share a cold hard truth:

    if you are hot and approach/compliment it's sweet
    if you are not attractive and approach/compliment you're creepy.

    just how it is with attractive women.
    Good luck!


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