Why is it so hard to impress girls these days?

They easily get creeped out by the most simplest things like the word hello, they don't respond to you when you message them whether it's in a chatroom or on fb and sometimes they do this on purpose to provoke you.

Thats why I have convinced myself that talking to girls is a waste of time because 1. They don't reply unless you look "attractive" and 2. They just assume you are a creepy pervert or make other baseless assumptions about you. Please make up your minds do you want people to be friendly or do you want people to be mean and angry? Because you seem to be creeped out by friendlyness and when I say friendlyness I mean telling jokes and saying hello.

This is also why I refrain from joining online dating sites because no matter what I say or how I present myself I will get ignored. Congratulaitions feminists you have won your war on men, you have succeeded in instilling fear in women and brainwashed them to beleive every man is a creepy pervert unless they look like brad pitt.
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And I am already expecting verbal abuse from angry women who can't handle criticism and are incapable of providing constructive feedback.
Why is it so hard to impress girls these days?
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