Is he playing me, or is he confused like me? Easy Q, be honest?

He's my ex BUT recently, we've been texting a little and even flirting a tiny bit when we talk. This is pretty huge for him because I know for a fact that he won't flirt with any of his exes.

Despite the flirting, he keeps rampantly liking other girls photos on social media. I know it shouldn't bother me. But it does. I just wonder why on earth he'd even bother flirting with me if he was just gonna continue liking these other girls photos and blatantly trying to move on.

I guess it's confused me a bit is all. Is he trying to block me out or has he genuinely moved on... or is he just kidding himself?

Opinions please!
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  • He's not quite moved past you yet
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  • He's trying to force himself to move on by liking all these other photos
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  • He is not over you, and he is looking to see if you two can get back together. Liking other girls on social media he might be taking the first step to moving on, but he has no bites.

    If you are interested tell him you are interested, and to stop liking other girls on social media. If not tell him you are not. If you want him to move on the fastest way would be fixing him up with someone.

    • I guess you're right. Thank you.

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    • Not made my mind up yet? Right now I'm verging more towards kicking him to the kerb though...

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  • He isn't past you yet is keeping his options open

    • So, how do I close his options then?

    • Either by letting him know if you two are attempting to work things out his commitment is lacking or just put him in the past

    • Ok thank you!

  • he is liking the photos to make you jealous. he wants you both to be official again.

    • Sure? I can't see he's liking them, but my friends have told me... :/

    • ur just making excuses because you have a wild imagination. just call him up

    • I'm not. I'll bet your the same guy that answered all my silly questions last night too! I would call him but yeah... I donno.

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