Ladies please don't bs?

she was 18 and i was 21. We dated for a year on/off. It was nothing serious so this includes no sex because she was a virgin. Well at least she claims. We now been broken up for a year and we started to hangout lately nothing big. I got really close to this girl so keep in mind i feel comfortable. She's now 19 and i'm 22 . I asked her if she's dated anyone? and she said "nothing serious". I asked how far she got with them? and she wouldn't answer it. She'll keep speed walking and covering her ears. Normally if you were to ask someone a question it would be a yes or no answer. I then admitted i slept with one girl since i'm no virgin mind you. She got mad.

You think she did something but doesn't want to admit it?


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  • She doesn't want to discuss that subject with you, and you need tor respect that. Don't make any assumptions or pressure her for an answer. It's irrelevant if you "expect" a yes or no answer, respect her, and don't continue to ask if it's obvious she isn't comfortable telling you.

  • Maybe but it seems like she doesn't feel comfortable sharing that information with you. I'm like this sometimes. If i don't want to answer it doesn't mean i did or didn't, it just means i don't want to talk about it with that person.


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