How much contact via texting is too much?

I have been wanting to build attraction witha girl I met not long ago. I haven't gotten her number and planned a date for ast Friday but it didn't work out. She said that what she was doing was taking longer than she thought, that she might be late and asked what time the place closed, and that she really did want to go. So I just told her, it was a littlelast minute, that we can make plans for another time.

The next day she added me on snapchat, and I and thinking about texting her tonight, just to talk, but I don't know how good of a idea that would be. My dating game is really rusty because I haven't really been dating since college freshman year. I am now 25, I have been working a lot.

I have read that texting too much can cause a woman to lose interest. We will not be able to go out until next weekend, so I think I should wait until the middle of the week to try and make plans with her.

So is texting her tonight just have a light convo with her a bad idea? Should I keep it to only making plans until after the first date at least, or would I be good with texting tonight and saying something again later in the week about doing something for the weekend?
I need a editing option lol I meant I do have her number


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  • Baaaad Idea, I'd advise you to go with your earlier plan of waiting till after your first date.


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