Should I send a friend request to a girl that I haven't seen in half a year?

I liked her a lot. Before last semester ended, I texted her that I thought she was pretty cool and that I was glad to have met her. She replied three days later at midnight, thanking me for the compliments. She was always nice to me when we talked in person, but I don't think she liked me the same way. On Facebook it said she was in a relationship. I didn't want to bother her so I didn't text her when summer started but I still thought about her.

I just looked at her Facebook again and saw that she's not in a relationship (well actually it's not saying if she's single or not but it used to say she was taken). It's been half a year since I talked to her. Should I send her a Facebook request? To be honest, I'm not that good looking so I'm not expecting her and me to date. I guess I just want to be friends.
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  • There's no harm in a friend request. It probably won't lead to anything, but you can loosely keep in touch if you liked each other as friends. :)


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  • Never give up dude. Selling your self short kicks your own confidence level in the nads and girls don't like it when your not confident


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  • hell yeah I did that to a girl that I hadn't seen since six grade (I'm a junior) and she dm me her # and we have been talkin ever since

  • sounds desperate


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