How to ask my best friend out?

I have recently developed an attraction for my best friend. It has always been there but lately it has been becoming unresistable, and I have spent too much time thinking about this issue.
we are in final year of undergrad.
How do I bring Up this issue.

some of my concerns/thoughts are below.

we talk openly about potential dates etc, but I intentionally never bring her up, and she might be doing the same?

everyone things we are dating/jokes that we are except her (and me, but I wish we were)

is it worth trying to start something with 6 months left in school.

how will this affect our current friendship.
both our futures are uncertain.
i don't want to graduate and not see her again without having asked her, but at the same time, I don't want to ruin current relationship.

any thoughts would be appreciated!


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  • With only six months left, it might be best to preserve the friendship. That can last across distances and easily renew on meeting again, but a new relationship may falter under the immediate stress of distance. Speaking from personal experience, a friendship that feels like more is worth much more than a few months of romance followed by a heartache. Besides, you can always ask her out if you do end up close together after graduation! :)


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  • I had the slightest feeling for my best friend a while ago and told him before he graduated, but now I don't know what I was thinking and I regret it. We're still best friends though. If you really like her then you should tell her. But you only have 6 months left together... If you feel like it's a feeling that will pass, it's probably not worth mentioning, but if you really like her then you should tell her - it doesn't have to be right now though. If she's your best friend, you've keep in touch and will have a lot of opportunities to tell her, so don't rush anything and think about this for a while.


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