Why do women especially American women care so much about race when it comes to dating?

Like they will go out of their way to only date guys of a certain race and the common denominator being black men. And these women always say (insert race) guys are so cute and handsome they now how to treat women but (insert race usually Indian/asian) are so ugly and they don't know how to treat women.

And you see them talking amongst themselves saying things like "I usually date (insert race) guys I can see myself with any other race.

They have convinced themselves that a guys personality and identity is based on the colour of his skin or the country associated with his race rather than judging guys or people in general on a individual basis.


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  • Well, with me being an African American woman and all I naturally think some black men are attractive, but I also find plenty of other men of other races attractive too. Heck, I actually think Native American men, and Asian men more attractive than men of my own race 7/10 times because I find their features unique and cute. :X


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  • Only the liberal Democrat girls living in the big cities.


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  • Why do Americans care so much about race?

  • Blah whatever.

    • You down voted me. I must have pissed you off more. LOL. Good. Good.

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    • Lol.

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