How to get the girl, that has her eye on another guy?

Asked her out twice, got two yes's but no plans were made. Approached one of her close friends and was shocked to find out that she is interested in another man. So i backed off. I great friends with her friends and we all hang out together a few times a week. So i am able to get to know her better in that setting. But I am no longer pursuing her.
I can not stop thinking of her. I wish i could show her that I am the better man and that no one will treat her as well as I can. I just dont know what to do. Lay back and get to know her in a group setting? Or ask her out a third and final time? I would just hate to push her away =/


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  • Better go for just friends right now. Maybe you'll meet someone else even. She's never going to think you're the right guy if she's into someone else. She might never, or she might find it through friendship.

    Just keep your eyes open for the girl who notices what you have to offer and isn't caught on some other guy! She's out there for you. :)

  • If she doesn't feel the same way about you, AND she likes another guy, no, you aren't the "better" man for her. Respectfully leave her alone, and let her pursue who she wants to.

    • Its more so. I wish I could show her that I feel that strongly for her, i have no idea who this other guy is. I wish I could prove myself to her. It's a testosterone thing, and that's what I have been doing. I've backed off. Just wish I could be her man that's all..

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