How do I know if I'm ready for a new boyfriend or if I just want one?

I have been through some serious ones.. and I'm over them...

but every time I get a boyfriend it seems like it takes over my whole life and I end up changing the things I do because of them.. I end up losing who I am and then when we break up I have to find myself again... help I don't know what to do ... because I think I want a boyfriend right now but I am starting to think it might not be a good time..


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  • straight men can be soooo controlling, I say you do what's best for you. if you think its best to have a man right now then get one. but don't ever change you, if I changed for other people I'd be straight. lol. its personnal choice in this world honey. I say you get a man who knows how to listen so you don't have to change.

    • Thanks I am thinking its just the kind of guys that are in my area

    • Good, don't have to find you again. something is telling me your the creative kind of girl. correct me if I'm wrong. creativity is great but can be tainted by forcable change. and its a damn shame what girls are forced to do to please a man. sometimes its downright wrong. I hope I helped and don't ever stop being you girl.

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